Welcome to Olney, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Background Information:
Olney is a Northern Philadelphia neighborhood. It is surrounded by Roosevelt Boulevard, Tacony Creek, Godfrey Avenue, and a railroad pass Sixth Street. Olney gets it name from Olney, England. Alexander Wilson, who had an estate which lived in this neighborhood, choose the name for his love of poet Wilson Cowper, who lived in Olney, England. In the early 19th century Olney was hilly farmland. Olney was established by German Americans. The section of the Philadelphia area was made up of farmers and wealthy civilians who had the money to live out of the city limits. As Philadelphia expanded north, the northern region of the county got to be more citified. People started moving to Olney as an escape from the large growth in the center of the city. Businesses began to open up as a result. Heintz Manufacturing Company, Proctor &Schwartz, and Brown Instruct Division all built factories here. Once the Broad Street Line was created population grew more because the subway system was a way to get riders from Olney to City Hall in a short period of time. With the subway as an attachment to trollies traveling throughout the neighborhood, residents of Olney were able to travel about the city easier. Today, Olney serves as a quiet neighborhood, but has a fairly large business area. Korean-American businesses surround 5th Street, and Hispanic businesses mainly found throughout the southern part of the neighborhood. It's made up of African Americans, Koreans, Sub-Saharan Africans, Hispanics, and Arab Americans, and other small ethnic groups. Teens living in the Olney section of Philadelphia today, refer to the neighborhood as "The Ozone."

Industries by Employees:
  • Construction:
    • Plumbing, Heating, and Air Conditioning: 500-999 Employees, 1 Establishment, 20-49 Employees, 1 Establishment, 5-9 Employees, 2 Establishments, 1-4 Employees, 3 Establishments
  • Other Services (except Public Admin.):
    • Religious Organizations: 50-99: 1 Establishment, 20-49: 4 Establishments, 10-19: 2 Establishments, 5-9: 7 Establishments, 1-4: 14 Establishments
  • Accommodation and Food Services:
    • Limited-Service Restaurants: 50-99: 1 Establishment, 20-49: 3 Establishments



As of 2009, Zip Code Population: 70,653

Males: 32,357 (47.0%)
Females: 36,474 (53.0%)

Zip code 19120 races chart
Zip code 19120 races chart

White Population: 8,308
Black Population: 31,367
American Indian Population: 180
Asian Population: 8,563
Native Hawaiian and other Pacific Islander: 0
Some Other Race: 442
Two or More Races: 971
Hispanic or Latino: 16,754

Foreign Population: 13, 715 (19.9%)
(45.4% are naturalized citizens)



Age and Sex of Residents in zip code 19120
Age and Sex of Residents in zip code 19120

Median Age in Zip Code: Approx. 29 years old


Historic Photos:

June 1969: Route 47 Trolley Car 1942 on heading south on 5th and Somerville Streets
June 1969: Route 47 Trolley Car 1942 on heading south on 5th and Somerville Streets

Southbound Schedule
Southbound Schedule

Northbound Schedule
Northbound Schedule

Civic Association and Community Service:
My neighborhood didn't exactly have what is called a "Civic Association," but they have an organization that plans events throughout the neighborhood to get people involved in what's going on in their community. The name of the organization is called the North Fifth Revitalization Project. A copy of the email I sent to them is posted below. I'm am waiting for a response back on how I can get involved.